Wound Management

CliniCare Mission Statement

CliniCare strives to provide specialized wound and stoma care management:

  • by addressing and assessing each patient and their wound, holistically,

  • with a systematic patient centred approach,

  • with continuous assessment, clinical decision making and intervention to facilitate optimal wound healing,

  • with a wide variety of evidence based therapies and devices

  • within a caring and nurturing, yet professional environment,

  • to enhance the healing of both the client and their wound/s

  • within an interdisciplinary healthcare team.

We care for and manage patients with all wound types including:

  • pressure injuries commonly known as bed sores

  • leg ulcers

  • venous leg ulcers

  • diabetic patients with wounds

  • diabetic foot ulcers

  • arterial ulcers

  • hard to heal wounds

  • wounds with delayed healing

  • surgical wounds

  • trauma wounds

  • skin tears

  • spider bites

  • burns

  • atypical wounds

  • malignant wounds

Our wound team’s qualifications

All Private Nurse Practitioners at CliniCare are registered nurses who have wound management experience and have qualified with a Post Graduate Diploma in Wound Care, whilst Trish Idensohn, owner and manager of CliniCare has qualified with a Master’s degree in Clinical Skin Integrity and Wound Management and is the principal lecturer for the Post Graduate Wound Care Course for the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa and honorary tutor for the University of Cardiff, Wales. Trish is a board member of the International Skin Tear Advisory panel and is on the committee for the International Wound Infection Institute.