Thank you for considering CliniCare mom+baby to be part of your exciting pregnancy, birthing and parenting journey.

CliniCare mom+baby clinic branch

Ballito - 27 Jacqueline Drive Ballito KZN

Contact: 032 9461826 or 032 9461579 email:

Pregnancy is a special time for you and your loved one, so let us help you prepare for the arrival of that precious bundle of joy.

With health and safety as our main concern for you and your precious ones, why not join our personalised and interactive online, antenatal classes? Hosted by an experienced and professional registered midwife together with an array of specialists, to navigate and guide you through the following topics:

. the last weeks of your pregnancy

· the Natural Birth process

· assisted Birth Methods ie. Caesarian Sections and Inductions.

· pain relief methods - This covers self-managed labour, medicated options, and the pro's and cons of each.

· top tips for breastfeeding success.

· healing after birth.

· preparing you to prepare for the arrival home of your much-awaited little one and how to care for and understand your newborn baby.

· and lots more.

Once your baby is born and at home - don't feel alone - allow us to assist and guide you with providing

  • well mom+baby consultations - face to face and telephonic consultations available

  • breastfeeding advice

  • developmental milestone checks

  • immunizations

  • vaccine administration for siblings, parents, grandparents and child carers

  • advice on the introduction of solids for babies

  • sleep advice for parents with babies

We look forward to being part of your exciting journey.